Project of the week: Bookmarks for Back to School, Part 1.

Print out some fun bookmarks to make the return to bring some color to your school books. Download on Dropbox.

What We Made: Bookplates for your personal library. Print them out and affix to your favorite books. Download them here on Dropbox.

Illustrations by Patricia Bell, Colleen Jordan, Tyna Kachnic, and Christina Mayo.

What We Made: 3D Printed Desktop Gardening Tools by Patricia Bell.

Things We Made: 3D Printed Remote Control by Patricia Bell.

What We Made: Dye Your 3D Prints in Make Magazine.

What We Made: 3D Scanned and Printed Hand Pin by Colleen Jordan.

What We Made: DIY String Art Tutorial by Colleen Jordan.

What We Made: Espresso Recipes by Tyna Kachnic.

What We Made Together: Georgia Tech Industrial Design Yearbook.

What We’re Making: Forbidden Love Print, by Tyna Kachnic

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